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Raechel Donahue

Journalist, radio DJ & filmmaker

I do love to write. While I have my favorite subjects -- travel, animals, food and entertainment -- I will write the copy for a cereal box if I get paid. Ask and I shall write.

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Imgres article

Hotels Near Piccadilly Circus

Need a place to stay in the UK? Pick a place in the center of the action!

Spanish paella article

Moorish Influence on Spanish Cooking | eHow

If the Moors had not brought saffron and other spices, Spanish paella would be sad.

Texas treehouse article

Treehouse Lodging & Canopy Tours in Texas

Get in touch with your elegant inner child in a Texas treehouse.

Cote dazur camping article

Camping in Cote d'Azure, France | eHow

Despite being a haven for the fabulous rich and ridiculously famous, France's Cote d'Azure also provides reasonably priced seaside camping spots.

Fotolia 1900500 xs article

The Best Small Hotels in Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland offers a great diversity in types of lodging, but the smaller hotels are by far the most charming. Each is unique in decor, services, personality and price, but all ......

Quail article

How to Cook Quail in the Oven | eHow

Nothing compares to the delicate taste of oven roasted quail and it's infinitely more satisfying if you do it yourself with these simple techniques.

Fotolia 715782 xs article

Centennial, CO Hotels

Centennial, Colorado is a community just south of Denver with quite a few hotels that cater to both business travelers and vacationing families. Easy access to downtown Denver, local tourist ......

Fotolia 6145909 xs article

Disney Resort Family Vacations

Walt Disney built his entertainment industry on the principle of family values and his legacy remains intact, now expanded to include family vacation packages at Disney Vacation Club timeshares and ......

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Chicago Hotels & Condos

With a population of three million locals and an influx of 45 million tourists and visitors yearly, Chicago has hotels and condos to fit every traveler's needs and budgets. Whether you ......

Fotolia 1739961 xs article

The Best NYC Hotel Deals

With so many places to choose from, finding a good hotel deal in New York City might seem a chore, and using an online booking service can be somewhat like wearing a blindfold. But there are quite a ......

Fotolia 5087757 xs article

Family Friendly Chicago Hotels

The bustling metropolis of Chicago is a ideal place for family vacations, with a great number of attractions for adults and children alike. From the beaches of Lake Michigan to the ball games at ......

Fotolia 854226 xs article

Rosarito Beach Resorts

Rosarito Beach in Baja California, Mexico, lies halfway between the raucous border town of Tijuana to the north and the port city of Ensenada to the south. A longtime favorite of Hollywood ......

Fotolia 12274624 xs article

Hotels in St. Albans, UK

The recorded history of St. Albans dates back to 43 B.C. when the Romans invaded Britain and occupied the small settlement, naming it Verulamium. Enduring invasions and rebellions, St. Albans ......

Fotolia 851620 xs article

Hotels East of Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado, is a bustling major city, and even though hotel accommodations in the city are plentiful and varied, traffic can be a problem and prices are rather high. East of Denver in the ......

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Ireland Vacation Tours

Rolling green hills, craggy cliffs, ancient castles and cheery pubs are just some of the intriguing bits of of Ireland's landscape. Whether you are looking for a quiet country getaway, a ......